Windows 98SE / Kunark Client / Soundblaster AWE32 Captures 



I'm capturing all EQ1 MIDI(xmi) music on era-appropriate hardware/client that correctly loads soundfonts!(a bank of custom instrument samples included in the game folder) This is more difficult than you might think!

Still working on snagging the stragglers and restarting in lossless digital-out. Capturing eqtheme is hard. Full project files will be available on request when I'm done.

Have a listen and maybe compare with other youtube recordings, you might be surprised.

eqtheme (HOW/WHERE?! underclock cpu maybe idk)
all velious music (HOW?)
all OPL3 FM Synth versions


7/29 Minor setback. Boot drive let some magic smoke out now it doesnt wanna spin anymore. Back into the OS with new drive just need to reinstall things.
8/2 Back in business. Added Seafarer's Roost and Toxx.
8/9 AWE32's SPDIF header seems to be dead, so turned my ebay alerts back on and proceeding with regular recordings. Windows not cooperating very well though.
8/16 Another AWE32 on order from Estonia, could be 4-8+ weeks. Price was right tho.
9/22 Aaand the toslink still wont stay lit. Multimeter time.
10/18/20 more connecty bits comin.
12/6/20 added boat theme

Qeynos Arena

Qeynos Caster Guild

Qeynos Docks

Qeynos South Tents

Qeynos Mid-Zone Tents

Underwater Theme

Combat Theme 1

Combat Theme 2

Combat Theme 3

Qeynos Bard Guild

Qeynos Tavern

Sneaking Theme

Qeynos Fishale Tavern

Rivervale Theme

Ak'Anon Theme

Ak'Anon Waterfall Area

Ak'Anon Caster Guild AKA Kelethin Theme

West Freeport Newb Area

Freeport Militia Theme

West Freeport Chill Flutes

West Freeport Caster Guild Stinger

North Freeport Bank

Temple of Marr

Northern Desert of Ro Theme

North Ro Undead Druid Ruins

East Freeport Seafarer's Roost Tavern

Toxxulia Forest Theme

Toxxulia Forest Paineel Entrance Sting(short)

Character Select Racial Medley

Dagnor's Cauldron Center Island(Boat Riding Theme)