"Bristlebane Fight in the Theatre" 

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Bristlebane Fight Bristlebane Fight Bristlebane Fight
Back Stage with many puppets .. hehe
Bristlebane Fight Bristlebane Fight Bristlebane Fight

I was able to SOLO Bristlebane tonight .. ehhe. sort of 8-)

Lenen (BotB Povar) Druid helped .. a lil ..hehe. Like by keeping me alive for the 5 hours and 20 mins it took to kill him .. HAHAH.

Lenen kept porting back to BB and using his mana stone and with the help of a Cleric friend of his in BB who healed him up as he stoned down (Len y are you naked?) ... he was able to cont to port back up to PoM and keep me alive the whole fight .... hehe. I did ALOT of Fungi kiting (running around while getting summoned wearing a fungal tunic to regen faster then the NPC chasing you).

I had intended to get a screen shot of a complete SOLO of Bristlebane .. but it would have taken about 16 hours by my calculations ..hehe. I had started solo when Lenen felt bad for me hearing me give updates in Guild Chat ... so he came up and really cut down the time it took to kill him ... hehe.

Still Im sure killing a god with only 2 ppl is still a server-wide first ... hhehe. I'll post screen shots and log totals tomorrow 8-)

Also please note: NO EXPLOITS were used in this fight .. just summon kiting and lots of porting and toe-to-toe fighting ... hehe.

Bristlebane only hits for 139's and as a rogue Backstabs for at least 417+ .. I didnt want to find out exactly what his max was ...hehe. He only regens 1 hp per click (6 secs) which is why he can be Fungi-Kited ... but he has AT LEAST 775k Hps .. thats the damage I did .. not including ALL the nuking and FREE DOTS the Lenen added!!! .. so more likely 1 MILLION Hps !!! .. ehehe. I took 542,800 damage during the fight .. ehhe. Thanks Lenen and Fungi Tunic / Fungi-Staff / Mend (Alot) ...ehehe

All in all it was just a crazy fight ... because if you FD or Bristlebane loses agro .. he immediately despawns ..hehe. So no rest for the "Mad".

Also of note was the since Bristlebane spawns everyday at 9am as well as the many puppet gods behind stage ... ehhe. as we fought through more then 1 game day .. the puppets in the back started to multiply !!! .. eheh.

I'll get screen shots and more info when I get back on line tomorrow on the www.PlaneofMischief.com website.

Till then this is Irontaail "The Mad" wishing you all a great night 8-)