Chardok loot list

 by Kastrina of Triton on Povar


The Bridge KeeperInlaid Jade HoopStained Cloth maskDi'zok Oracle Shillegil The bridge before Korocust
Foreman Ku`LulMask of SecretsSarnak Prayer
 BoneshearBottom floor of the bank
Foreman Mirt`akkGirdle of Flayed IksarSarnak bracer of
Vial of Roiling GasFesterCubby
before Niblek in the mines.
Grand Herbalist MakhaSmall
Manisi Plant
Sarnak Parrying BladeManisi
Herb (Necro epic)
 In the mines ( near the bank), in the herbalist area.
Drill Master Dih`roulEtched Steel BatonSarnak War BowSarnak Summoner's Dagger Top floor of the bank
Underboss Myli`kiNathsar legsTattered
Flesh Veil
Observer Aq`touzNathsar Bracer Fancy Velvet MantleBaton of Royal Stature 
Arch Inspector Nibi`ziDi`zok Sceptre of AuthorityPearly
Sarnak Bangle
  Spawns in
Korocust's room
Grave Master Zo'lunEarring of Blazing energyCrypt Master's Conjuring StoneHardened
Bone Spaulders
Di'Zok Deathbringer
Before Arch leading to the Royal castle area
Wizened Herb CollectorA Sandwich of Foul Smelling HerbsSmall
Manisi Plant
Herbalist's Spade Herbalist area, left of the little house
Watch Captain Hir`roulEarring
of Everfount
Jade Inlaid SpauldersEarring of Twisted Leaves Spawns in the first room at
the right, heading down the tunnel.
Captain Di`ouzGuard Captain's MalletEaring of Woven BarkBronze Statue of Bathezid He
spawns on the upper left turret of the entrance gate to Chardok
Grand Advisor Zum`ull     
Nathsar HelmNote
(To Ring of scale, Drusshk maybe)
Korocusts room
Watch Sergeant Riz'oulNathsar vambracesSarnak
Hide Boots
Di'zok Wrstsnapper  
Master Ska`tu
Nathsar GlovesJeldorin  Before the Arch leading to the Royal Castle area
Overseer Dal'goorSarnak BackstabberOverseers Singet ringIksar Hide CapeDessicated Halfling maskBetween Herbalists and the dog area
Sarnak Collective AuditorIksar hide ManualGirdle of RapidityDarksight Dagger In
the bank area
Kennel MasterPoison washed shouldersIksar
hide cap
Golden Loop
 In the tiny little outhouse type building, at the dog area.
DeathfangRabid Chokidai Fang   In the little pit before the large building at the dog area.
Vile of Sarnak BrewDi'Zok Escape Staff   
An Iksar TrusteeEarring of CleansingEarring of Purity  Cubbybefore Niblek in the mines.
KorocustWorn Shai`din Naginata.Polished Shai`din NagitanaNote(to Phara Dar)Incardine legs 
Courier of KorucustCourier's PotionWrit of Di'ZokNote (to Venril Sathir)  
Prince Selrach Di`ZocPalladium axeIncardine Boots   
KingA singed scroll (Cleric epic)Argent DefenderIncardine BreastplateVibrating Gauntlets of Infuse 
QueenCrappy DaggerWarrior Epic bladeInsignia Protector  
Random Items
Sarnak Battle Sheild (Random skeletons and Sarnaks)
Di'zok Wristsnapper
Tribal War Mask (off Sarnaks)
Stave of Shielding
Chokidai Spines ( Random off dogs)
Water Sprinkler of the Forgiven
Sarnak arcane fetish
Sarnak Earing of Station
Jagged Blade of the Mourning
Argent Defender
Edge of Cabilis
Sarnak Skull Splitter
Golem Tear Ring (Off golems)
Iksar Skin Gloves (Off skeletons)
Ring of Di`zok (Off herbalist type sarnaks)
Di`Zok Begirding (off  Sarnaks)
Tribal War Boots ( Random off Sarnaks)
Silver Swiftblade (Random)
Symponic Saber
Chokidai Hide Spaulders (Random off dogs)
Ivory Imbued Collar (Random)