"Forest Entrance"   

NPC's in this room

Not Poddle Pop
Pod Dop Pop
Dop Dop
Poddle Dod
Dopple Pop
Dolep Dopp
Popple Dop

My Finger
Not Yours

Treasure Chest


Left Waterfall Entrance Right Waterfall
Left Invisible Bridge Zone in location Right Invisible Bridge
Pansies 8-(



Forest Puzzles

Pansies  8-(
Rissa and Bizzznawa

Halflings and Agro Treasure Chest

My Finger & Not Yours
The forest Area has a few Grumpy Trees that throw KOS Pansies at you in groups of 1-2. These NPCs despawn for at least 2 hours once they lose agro. There appears to be about 10 locs that these "Traps" are set off. They may change locs, but it's hard to tell. They also have a very large agro area. Pod People do NOT assist them, but "My Finger", "Not Yours" and the entire inside area of the Castle will .. so you cant escape by running up the ramps. These do NOT see invisible and for those who are bound at the entrance, you can avoid them, but be careful, by running back and along the actual rim where the see-through glass wall/gate is located. These things can be very tuff. They can hit for upwards of 140s and have a ton of hp. As a monk or any FD class, I suggest to clear these before doing ANY hunting in the forest or porting people into the zone. This can be done by running around the forest (at least Jboot speed) and collect/set off all the traps and then FD. This will despawn them for a time.

1   - neg 1050, neg 72 = 1 Dandy Pansy
2   - neg 1230, neg 275 = 2 Angry Pansies
3   - neg 870, neg 485 = 1 Puny Pansy
4   - neg 1275, neg 525 = 2 Angry Pansies
5   - neg 1238, neg 617 = 1 Dandy Pansy
6   - neg 900, neg 985 = 2 Angry Pansies
7   - neg 700, neg 1040 = 1 Puny Pansy
8   - neg 630, neg 1565 = 1 Dandy Pansy
9   - neg 238, neg 1300 = 1 Puny Pansy
10 - neg 195, neg 1235 = 2 Angry Pansies


Please note that most of the trees claim to be clickable, but so far only 1 tree at loc: -676, 536 is an exit to Cobalt Scar  *** Thanks Clancy and Coladar for the exit point and warning about being invisible *** 

Zone in location