"Grink's Room" 

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Glonk's Room

Halflings' Room




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This room is the first room in the Alice in Wonderland series. This series of rooms are actually a set of 4 rooms that repeat 4 times over. Each time they repeat the rooms get bigger as well as the NPCs. This gives you the feeling as you go through them that you are getting smaller and that you are in the same rooms. In fact they are actually 16 rooms that get bigger around each corner. You start in the Grink's Room, then Glonk's Room, then Halflings' Room, then TwentyTwo and then you restart back in Grink's Room again with a larger Grink. At the end of 16 rooms you end up in Stomple's Room and the exit back to Main Hall. . The pictures of Grink on the left show the smallest (1st in the series) and the largest (4th in the series) of this NPC. You can see the huge difference in size. This is a very fun place to look around in. Also to date, only in this area in the largest section (4th set) can you find the Throne cards. These are the cards that are needed to complete all the quests so far in PoM. Also note that as the NPCs get larger, they actually go up in level as well. So the biggest NPC's hit much harder then the smallest NPCs. This NPC appear to do nothing and does not seem to hail.