"PoM First Item Found" 

This item was found by Lilya Gubbin from the guild Fires of Heaven on the Veeshan server. 

This item was created using the following PoM card combination:

White Throne, Black Throne, Black Crown, Black Knight

Identifies as: Invisible Vambraces

These are combined in the Deck of Spontaneous Generation. This is a container that holds 4 slots and is received by obtaining a King Cod Card, found on "Dinner" NPC, or fishing. She gives you a "sack of turnips". You then give that to the NPC in PoM "Ferjeneror" and he gives you the Deck of Spontaneous Generation container. The cards are found by killing NPC's throughout PoM. The "Throne" cards seem to be coming from the "Alice in Wonderland" area. Other cards are obtained by killing different NPC's throughout the zone.

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(4/16/01 3:26:22 pm)
Vambraces of Distraction
No I'm not suggesting that the item created depends on the class/race/diety of the person combining the cards. I made the Vambraces of Distraction with a class other than those which they are usable by. I combined White Throne, Black Throne, Black Crown, Black Knight to make them. I'm suggesting that the original combination told to Irontaail by FoH was wrong. This seems more logical, as no other combination has worked with a different color throne than crown/knight/squire. I can't test the FoH vambraces combination (White Throne, Black Crown/Knight/Squire), because my only White Throne is gone now :) Someone with those cards please attempt to combine them and see what happens.