"PoM Fouth Item Found" 

Found by Carbon, Ramulet, Vosh, Dreze, Xanatax from the guilds of Ascent and Exiled Legion on the Rodcet Nife server. 

This item was created using the following PoM card combination:

Black Throne, Black Crown, Black Knight, Black Squire

These are combined in the Deck of Spontaneous Generation. This is a container that holds 4 slots andis received by obtaining a King Cod Card, found on "Dinner" NPC, or fishing. You then give that to the NPC in PoM "Ferjeneror" and he gives you the Deck of Spontaneous Generation container. The cards are found by killing NPC's throughout PoM. The "Throne" cards seem to be coming from the "Alice in Wonderland" area. Other cards are obtained by killing different NPC's throughout the zone.