"PoM Forty-Third Item Found" 

Found by Natia Elvenwood from the guild of Clan of Shadows

Identifies as: 



Special thanks to Uglar and Clan of Shadows for first completing this quest 

You must first get a library card dropped by NPCs in PoM. You then turn it into The Librarian in the Library, who gives you a "Book of Mischief" 4 slot container. You then must get the four corners of the missing page found on NPCs thoughout the PoM. Once combined they form "Words of Weath". You turn in your "Words of Wealth" to "Bob The Painter" who will give you a "Pot of Gold", 2 slot container. You then must create more words of wealth and items form the Cards Quest By combining "Words of Wealth" with any 2 Throne Card Quest item (including Mask of Melodies - only 1 card quest that combines) you receive Funny Money. When you turn in 2 Funny Money to Peaches at the entrance to the PoM castle you will receive a Gift Box (each Gift Box is colored, 1 for each class) which has 5 Charges of gift. When right-clicked you produce a Doll (each doll is named for each class). When this Doll is combined with the 5 main Armor of Distraction types (Gloves, Breastplate, Legs, Arms, Feet) you get the Class Specific Doll Quest Armor specific.