ToV North Loot Table
Hand of the Master
Katana of Pain
Reapers Ring
Whitestone Shield
Circlet of Summer
Mask of Fall
Amulet of the Dreadgazer
Lord Feshlak
Beldron's Vambraces of Impiety
Boots of the Dead Dream
Chestplate of Fiery Might
Amulet of the Storm
Sky Watcher's Monocle
Staff of the Silent Star
Vambraces of Discontent
Lord Koi'Doken
Ancient Pirate's Eyepatch
Siren Song, Dagger of the Sea
Trident of the Deep Sea
Greaves of the Deep Sea
Bracelet of the Deep Sea
Helm of the Deep Sea
Orb of the Deap Sea
Net of the Deep Sea
Cekenar's Claw
Blackstar, Mace of Night
Meljeldin, Bane of Giants
Silver Dagger of Destruction
Lady Mirenella
Orb of the Crimson Bull
Mithril Boots
Mithril Gauntlets
Mithril Helm
Ebony Headband
Shawl of Perception
Named Drakes
Shield of Fury
Shield of the Protector
Shield of the Wurms
Melodic Charm
Barrier of Sound
Shield of Thorns
Shield of Dragonkind
Bow of the Silver Fang
Ring of Superiority
Runed Fang Necklace
Silent Fang Necklace
Shadow Fang Necklace

Dagarn the Destroyer
Boots of the Destroyer
Belt of the Destroyer
Bow of the Destroyer
Wurm Claw Pauldrons
Ancient Wurm Hide Greaves
Ancient Wurm Hide Robe
Dagarn's Tail
Shining Metallic Pantaloons
Eashan of the Sky
Mask of the Sky
Ring of the Sky
Bracelet of the Sky
Cloak of the Sky
Claw of Lightning
Onyx Chain Sleeves
Twisted Steel Gauntlets
Twisted Steel Bastard Sword
Ikitiar the Venomed
Poison Soaked Tunic
Cloak of Venom
Ikatiar's Stinger
Mask of Venom
Ancient Wyvern Hide Tunic
Ancient Wyvern Hide Leggings
Ancient Wyvern Hide Sleeves
Ancient Wyvern Hide Boots
Blydreln's Bane
Crown of Resiliance
Earring of the Icecaster
Helmet of the Crawler
Silver Chains
Sprinkler of Spirits
Onyx Chain Legs
Lord Vyemm
Vyemm's Fang
Vyemm's Right Eye
Vyemm's Left Eye
Silver Whip of Rage
Silver Bracelet of Rage
Onyx Chain Gauntlets
Gaudralek, Sword of the Sky
Spear of the Great Dawn
Shield of Midnight
Shield of Dawn
Axe of Resistance
Spinning Orb of Confusion
Dragon Skin Bracer
Windraider's Belt
Tvenken's Slippers of Silence
Lady Nevederia
Mask of Terror
Nevederia's Horn
Nevederia's Left Eye
Nevederia's Right Eye
Nevederia's Claw
Cloak of Thorns
Medal of Deep Thought
Girdle of Dark Power
Lord Kreizenn
Kreizenn's Flame
Shiny Metallic Gloves
Shiny Metallic Sleeves
Silver Disk
Flame Etched Short Sword
Verlekanorm's Horn of Disaster
Ancient Fire Etched Flamberge
Dawncaller, Blade of the Morning
Jaelin's Katana
Kelciferous's Armband of Artistry
Sal'Varae's Robe of Darkness
Hobart's War Helmet
Gharn's Rock of Smashing
Crystasia's Crystal Ring
Akkirus's Mask of War
Viik's Pauldrons of Pain
Feeliux's Cord of Velocity
Zeriphra's Dagger of Blood
Tolan's Longsword of the Glade
Vyrinn's Earring of Insanity
Abashi's Rod of Disempowerment
Sirran's Boots of Insanity
Maclaer's Boots of Silence
Camii's Bracer of Vigor
Brother Xave's Headband
Solist's Earing of Insight
Rowyls Metal Armguards
Do`Vassir's Gauntlets of Might
Valtron's Necklace of Wonder
Palladius' Axe of Slaughter
Ssra's Bloodstone Eyepatch