"SD Fan Faire Pictures" 

Povar Server .. Iron in tall hat in front ..hehe 8-)

Povar Camp !!!
Iron in tall hat in front.

Xeffo, Kung and Captfusa .. from RA 8-)

The infamous KUNG of Povar!!!
(with his new sign ..hehe)

Kung ninja'd the Original Povar sign ..heheh 8-)

The original sign was lost in Baelish's room the first night !!

Povar GMS .. Teliesin in the middle (red shirt)

Povar GMs and Guides
(Teliesin in the middle - red shirt)

GMs giving uber l33t secret sign

GMs used an uber l33t late night signal when asked about PoM!!

Teliesin and Irontaail make up .. Tele BS's you for 1200 damage !!!

Telisin and Irontaail make up ...
(Tele BS's you 1200 dam!!)

SD Fan Faire

Just more of the festivities at the general conference area in SD

Baelish from Castersrealm .. the ladies man 8-)

Baelish's parties are the things that bards sing about .. hehe

Mardigann broke Iron's viper ...heheh

Mardigann!!! you broke Irontaail's viper !!! ..hehe 8-)

The SD Fan Faire was alot of fun .. I figured I'd post some of the more unusual pictures that I took while there ...hehe. As always Baelish had a great party going on in his room for most of the 2 days we were there. I was chosen captain for the Triton/RA live quests ... but sadly we lost in the end to team WOLF by 1 item ... hehe. We needed to camp more NPC spawns so we knew how to get them to react faster, live and learn 8-)


San Diego T-Shirts that I handed out during the Fan Faire 8-)