"Test Server" 

NPC's in this room



Forest Area - Zone in

On Enterance Ramp
PoM Guardians Gatekeeper
PoM Guardians

These were found on the Test Server ... and are being thought of as VI's answer to help the zone ... by making them KOS, while the rest of the zone is not. No more wandering around the zone trying to figure out puzzles 8-(

Special thanks to the guy on the test server who gave us these pics and had this to say ...

I also noticed that Donk and Eightysix were back, but I didn't want to risk attacking them.

Good luck all, hope we solve some of these puzzles soon !


And say goodbye to the PoM we had all come to know. The second one of those petals attacks me at my bind spot in the courtyard, I'll just go afk for a few hours. A death loop back to level 1 should be a fitting end in Mischief. :)

I'm glad Verant consults those of us who actually know the zone... Rather mind boggling the things they do, but hey, that's Verant for you. I'm sure all the NPCs have been upgraded to 60+ and flurry for 500 now. *sighs* *fades off into the distance*