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Basic Strategy: Use a Monk with a Rez Stick to Sneak / FD and drag a CoH Mage corpse to PoM enterance and Rez.

Classes Needed:  Monk (runner), Mage (CoH corpse), Cleric (Rez / Buff), Necro (Summon), Shaman (Buff / SoW)


This is the beginning of how to make your way through ToV (without killing all NPCs) to get to the PoM entrance. First use a CoV faction Mage to CoH an FD Monk past Arreken Skyward and cast invisibility on him. Or if the Monk is CoV faction you can just run up to the NORTH entrance door and have someone cast invisibility on the monk. Past the first door of NORTH ToV, everything appears to be KoS to everyone, including CoV faction people. The first section (top 3 pictures) you can go through with invisibility on as long as you don't run into any roamers. There is also a see-inv NPC (top - center picture) that is on the far left wall, but can be avoided by going straight down the center of the hall to the second door. Once past the second door go straight down the hall past the hatchlings and up the ramp to the right (still ok with just invisibility on) and head down the hall toward Aaryonar. This is the first named of 5 that you must pass. He and his guards see invisible. You can run up and FD past a small ledge and veer toward the right up the stairs. Now you can Sneak / FD your way following the right wall past a firepot and named guard Nir' Tan, (center - center picture). Then follow the right wall toward a large rock (center - right picture). Be careful as there are 2 see invisible Drakes just past the rock on the right.


This was sent to me to help ppl get to PoM. The author is anon atm ... but ok'd it's release. So thank you 8-)

"When you get to Aaryonar, you can just sneak past that drake by the fire pot.  Just make sure you are clear of wanderers...there are a couple that path by here.  So once u sneak by that black drake by the pot, you will see a large boulder by the wall...it's in the left side of the 6th pic on your new page.  With sneak up you can climb up this boulder and be behind the 2 drakes along the wall...you can keep sneaking by them and up the next boulder thats at the opening to the cubby with the big yellow dragon in there.  Wanderers everywhere so be careful. Once at the top of this boulder you will have a good perch to scope things out...but kinda high up so you might get ghosting so be careful.  So you can get from Aaryonar to this point with sneak ONLY...as long as there are no wanderers....so you'll still need to use feign to wait for the wanderers.

Ok so now to get by the cubby with the yellow dragon.  This cubby has the big yellow dragon, like 2 static guards by him and a static guard at the opening to the cubby. You'll have to feign flop past this part till you are out of LoS of the yellow dragon. Keeping your eye out for wanderers you can sneak up to the corner before dagarn the destroyer. Above you there will be a static perched on a ledge and right below that another static. You can sneak up to close to under this ledge but he will see you so you need to feign flop from here till you get past the destroyer.

On the far end of the destroyer cubby there is a static, once you are behind this static you can do alot of sneaking. You can sneak all the way up to the cave portion.  Before the cave portion there will be a raised platform with 2 drakes on it...i was able to sneak around the front of the raised platform without those 2 drakes seeing me even though i was walking right in front of them basically.  Only reason i didn't sneak behind them is the raised portion they are on is too high to jump onto so i had to go around the front.

Once in the cave portion you can sneak up to the apex of the path till you find 2 drakes faceing each other...no way past this sept feign flop. "

This will bring you to the final stretch to PoM, and it's thought that either Evasion or Maybe DA Idol is the best way for the final run down the hall ... 


I'm just starting to do this run and am trying not to use Invulnerability Idols (I have one .. just not using it yet) and trying to just use Sneak / FD as I've been told it can be done this way. As I progress I will post strategies here and let you know.

 Well Castrinas and myself made the PoM run finally. The last part is filled with lots of casters and SK's. My suggestion is to use a DA idol to do this last section of the hallway, although Castrinas made it without SoW and without any Disc or DA Idol, but it seems to take a lil luck at the end if you dont use a DA Idol. Castrinas and I had 3 bugged corpses last attempt, so be warned and try not to leave corpses in wall, etc .. 8-)


Another strategy was posted and here it is:

"Well using your guide i found my way there, but if you want to be sucessful
alot easier heres how its done
2 Shiny Brass Idols, and Buff order
Poison, Coldain Ring, Cold, Fire, Dex, Agil, Sta, Kraag, Aegolism, Rune V,
Bedlam, Avatar, Regen, Sow, Invis

CoH mage / corpse,  Run to the first See invis KoS "elder wyvern" I
believe, and use idol, run past Aayorana, and to the LEFT, training him to
an unused area, FD before the Invul wears off, have mage coh, rebuff, get
second idol from group mate.
Next, run with invis to Aayorana's hall, the 2 guards at the base of his
stairs see invis, but with sow, you can haul ass past em, and veer right,
you will be able to get to the top of the stairs and past the firepot before
they are aggrod on you.
FD there, wait for em to return to thier spots, then stand, run, use second
divine idol, and run, youll be at the ent to the tunnel where the roaming
drakes are, hang out there till mend pops, if you used it, and move down
JUST using mend and FD flopping till your at the corner where you will see
the wurm guarding the ent to PoM.
Stand (when your full life) pop voiddance, and walk your way home.  Dont
forget the mage corpse like i did when i was happy i had finally got there

Nasir Giantslayer
Prexus Server